ASRC SKW Eskimos is guided and supported by ASRC Construction Holding Company. As part of The ACHC Family of Companies, we have the collective capacity and financial strength to handle any construction project.

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About Us 

ASRC SKW Eskimos (ASKW) is a commercial, industrial, earthwork and service construction company, which has operated throughout the State for since 1974. ASKW has performed the majority of its work in partnerships or Joint Ventures with Alaska Native village corporations. These cooperative business ventures have proven valuable for all involved.

Although headquartered in Barrow, our administrative offices are located in Anchorage, Alaska where a professional staff of engineers, project managers and administrative personnel coordinate company operations. We are one of the largest general contractors in Alaska managing annual contracts averaging $60 million over the last five years.


ASKW was incorporated in 1974 as SKW Constructors, Inc. Early on, ASKW entered a number of joint ventures with Native Alaskan-owned Arctic Slope Regional Corporation (ASRC). In collaboration with ASRC’s Barrow-based subsidiary, Eskimos, Inc., ASKW built the original Barrow Hospital and went on to build schools and infrastructure projects across the North Slope.

By 1981, the name “SKW/Eskimos, Inc.” had become so well known and respected in arctic construction that ASRC felt it advantageous to acquire the company as one of its subsidiaries. Since then ASKW has continued to grow and prosper, expanding its operations statewide.


ASKW is part of the construction-focused ACHC Family of Companies, which are wholly-owned subsidiaries of ASRC. ASRC is the largest of the Alaska Native Regional Corporations organized under the terms of the 1971 Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA), the largest private employer in the state of Alaska, and a multibillion-dollar corporation. As part of ACHC, ASKW has tremendous financial resources and bonding capabilities.

ASKW has consistently delivered the best value to our clients through the knowledge and experience gained over the past 30 years operating at industrialized and remote site locations throughout Alaska. Careful management, controlled growth, and wise investments over the long term have also contributed to our stability and substantial equipment holdings.

Community Focus

As the largest and most successful Alaskan-owned construction contractor, ASKW purchases locally, supports youth and community activities, and participates in community projects.

We pride ourselves in providing jobs and training to local communities. Over our many years of work in Alaska, our documented record of local/Native hire has exceeded 40% of our direct work force. We continue to extend the mission of hiring locally and improving local skills.