ASRC SKW Eskimos is guided and supported by ASRC Construction Holding Company. As part of The ACHC Family of Companies, we have the collective capacity and financial strength to handle any construction project.

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We’re the largest and most successful Native Alaskan-owned general contractor, with annual revenues averaging $60 million over the last 5 years

Since 1974, ASRC SKW Eskimos (ASKW) has successfully constructed some of the most complex, challenging projects in Alaska–projects other contractors avoided. Our accomplishments include a broad range of commercial, institutional, industrial, earthwork, and utilities projects in remote and urban areas throughout the state.

ASKW specializes in cost-effective, on-time and within-budget construction in the extreme weather and challenging environmental conditions across Alaska. Government, industrial construction and earthwork projects–on and off the Alaska road system–are our focus.

Proven Systems

Our proven abilities on challenging projects means we offer the benefit of systems, processes, and knowledge that delivers safety, quality, and value under the most difficult project conditions.

Experienced Personnel

ASKW’s personnel possess hands-on experience with Alaska’s unique engineering, logistics, and scheduling constraints. We understand the amount of time and careful attention that is required to plan and execute projects while maintaining cost and schedule control.


ASKW is experienced with obtaining all documentation for the permitting process. Historically, we have taken the sole responsibility to get plan reviews, Fire Marshall permit, building and other permits required for design and construction. ASKW works closely with permitting agencies and architectural firms to ensure all permit documentation is completed in a timely manner.


ASKW’s customers benefit from our ability to leverage years of comprehensive experience and established construction management practices. We are one of the largest general contractors in Alaska, managing annual contracts averaging $60 million over the last 5 years. Working with local communities, ASKW recruits residents and provides training for future projects. Over our many years of work in Alaska, our documented record of local/Native hire has exceeded 40% of our direct work force. We continue to extend the mission of hiring locally and improving local skills.

ASKW’s portfolio includes schools, hospitals, health clinics, power plants, utilities and infrastructure, warehouse/storage facilities, hotels, hangars, airports, roads and paving, housing, and piling projects.