ASRC SKW Eskimos is guided and supported by ASRC Construction Holding Company. As part of The ACHC Family of Companies, we have the collective capacity and financial strength to handle any construction project.

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Construction Management 

ASRC SKW Eskimos (ASKW) employs a highly experienced project staff and construction personnel with more than 250 years of combined construction industry experience. Our construction management approach integrates the following systems and procedures.

Project Management

ASKW uses the Project Management Institute’s certification process; we offer the services of certified Project Management Professionals with impeccable reputation and high qualifications.

Cost Management

ASKW is mindful of using resources in a cost-effective manner that reflects our stewardship of the earth’s raw materials, respect for our natural environment, and our commitment to serving the best interest of the project’s stakeholders. Our long-standing relationships with local communities, as well as our place in the ASRC family of companies, allow us to allocate the best resources for the lowest cost without compromising project integrity.

Time Management

ASKW has an outstanding record of schedule control. We often complete projects ahead of schedule or on time even under considerable time constraints. We strive to establish a realistic schedule at the beginning of each project, with enough flexibility to allow for the unforeseen. Schedules are divided into phases, and each milestone is evaluated in progress meetings. We use the Critical Path Method to develop a work breakdown structure for scheduling and cost reporting purposes.

Quality Control

ASKW applies the policies and procedures detailed in the corporate Quality Management System (QMS). This QMS is designed to facilitate the implementation of project controls and processes that support our commitment to quality operations and services.

Contract Administration

ASKW enjoys the support services of our parent company, ACHC, who provides project accounting and estimating services. A contract administrator is assigned to each ASKW project; responsibilities include: records management, cost and project accounting, office management, accounts receivable, accounts payable, invoice processing for labor, equipment, materials, and miscellaneous purchases, payroll data entry and processing, and employment recruiting.

Project-Specific Safety Programs

ASKW endorses excellence in resource management and has committed its efforts to protecting the general welfare and work environment of all employees and contractors through active leadership and support of occupational health and safety programs. For each project, we establish and maintain the Zero Incident objectives, and through training and instruction, we enable all employees to fulfill their program responsibilities.