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North Slope Public Interest Determination Contract 

Customer North Slope Borough
Location Northern Alaska
Expected Completion February 2019
Contract $25,000,000
Market Public Facilities

Across the North Slope of Alaska, there is a continuing need for facilities maintenance on a broad scale, and little resources exist in villages to adequately meet this need. Harsh environments, cold weather, limited funding, dwindling labor resources, few qualified tradespeople, rare training opportunities and loosely organized business infrastructure are factors that have historically threatened the ability of our client and the Village Corporations to perform the upkeep needed to keep these communities in working order.


The Public Interest Determination Contract is an innovative, long-term approach designed by the North Slope Borough, to address these challenges head-on by leveraging the benefits of organization, training, management experience and economies of scale gained by combining many smaller maintenance and construction tasks into a few manageable work scopes.  The collaborative focus between the North Slope Borough, ASKW and the Village Corporations in Point Lay, Point Hope, Wainwright, Barrow, Kaktovik, Nuiqsut, Atqasuk and Anaktuvuk Pass and Barrow provides each village a direct route to sustainability and self-sufficiency.

ASKW works with the NSB on a broad level to assess the needs of each community. Their Project Managers develop these into projects based on measurable and reachable objectives/milestones, while defining the schedules, estimates, purchasing, work packages and logistics required to meet each objective. ASKW managers and staff work with the Village Corporations to manage each project while providing mentorship as needed, orchestrating organized programs for training and employment and in the long-term. Through a long-term commitment to the region, the team has broken down barriers of trust within these communities and paved an accelerated path for village construction assets to grow and for people to attain the training and experience necessary to meet the needs of their communities.


Since starting, the program has provided benefits of value and efficiency beyond original expectations. Measurable gains include increased local training employment and reduced energy costs. Intangibles include increased pride in workmanship, community support, streamlined processes, economic stimulus and facility longevity. Though the project is seen as one of the rare win-win scenarios, the main benefactors are residents. As residents achieve higher standards of training, professionalism and employability, they gain better leverage to shape their standard of living.

Because the contract is not profit-based, ASKW has focused on gains in the quality of relationship with the North Slope Borough, the Village Corporations and the people of the region. The Arctic Slope Regional Corporation and its subsidiaries are owned by the Inupiat people. Our second of three strategic pillars is to actively promote sustainable economic development opportunities in our region. This goal aims for ASRC to engage in partnerships with local communities to help build economic development capacity in our villages.

The following projects are but a sample of the hundreds that we have completed. There are many more slated for the next five years.