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Richard Foster Building 

Customer City of Nome
Location Nome, Alaska
Expected Completion December 2015
Contract $10,497,633
Market Local Government

The City of Nome Richard Foster Building will house the Carrie M. McLain Memorial Museum, Kegoayah Kozga Library, and  the Kawerak, Inc. Center of Culture and Science. The new building of aproximately 18,500 SF will replace the 3,600 SF space in the existing Centennial Building that houses both the Museum and Library. Functional areas of the facility will include library stacks and reading areas, museum gallery, lobby, multi-purpose and office space and overall accessible layout. Among the many benefits brought by new public facilities in rural Alaska, the team-build solution aims to elevate the standard of quality in research and education for a very significant regional Alaskan heritage community.

The project was bid in phases, in packages that included civil work, soil remediation and utilities prior to ASKW involvement. The facility is to be built on a phased schedule, and will use a steel structure supported by a steel driven piling foundation, and  enclosed with a structural insulated paneling system.

Our client, the City of Nome, procured a large portion of materials in advance to expedite the project. Working with architect ECI/Hyer, the team selected ASKW during the design phase to provide preconstruction services that include reviews of current plans and specifications, value engineering input, construction cost control, general construction management and a host of other services. We are employing locally to the fullest extent possible, and we are focusing all available resources to complete the facility exterior during the warmer months to maintain productivity and continue to work on the interior throughout the winter.

A short construction season, remote location and limited budget  make logistics, productivity and planning critical to meeting schedule and our guaranteed maximum price. Working with the Design Team and Owner, we are focused on a successful build through minimal changes, improved value and a final facility that will enhance the community of Nome for years to come.


Richard Foster Building in Nome

Rendering by Architect Greg Frosberg of ECI/Hyer Inc.