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Tundra Tours Hotel 

Customer Arctic Slope Regional Corporation
Location Barrow, Alaska
Expected Completion April 2014
Contract $15,000,000+
Market Commercial Housing

ASKW worked with ASRC, Builder’s Choice and Winchester Alaska to design and build the new 40,000 s.f., 3-story structure with 70 guest rooms (including 6 ADA compliant & 12 deluxe suites), a restaurant, gift shop, three multi-purpose rooms and a workout room. Our team provided input from concept to design completion, managing both preconstruction and construction phases of the project.

By focusing resources and energy on collaboration with ASRC through a litany of decisions, the team accelerated design completion and worked quickly through defining materials, methods, scheduling, logistics, value engineering, constructability. Diligent efforts reduced design coordination issues, prevented changes and streamlined the preconstruction process. We worked effectively around apparent risks, such as the limited barge space for the amount and magnitude of modules and materials required. Logistically, Barrow offers few delivery options, so timing the long-lead procurement packages was critical in preventing delays during construction.

The hotel was built using “stacked and stitched” pre-engineered modules supported by a wood piling foundation, and sided and covered by a field fabricated roof system. The efficiency of this increasingly popular method proved quicker, yet just as durable in the field. It also offered flexibility in design at a level of quality the Owner needed to serve their guests for many years in the future.   

Loading Modules in Anchorage

Loading modules in Anchorage for barging to Barrow.


Stitching Barrow Hotel  Modules

Stitching a modular complex allows crews to quickly close-in the facility so they can complete it from the inside during the cold winter months.