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Arctic Village School 

Customer Yukon Flats School District
Location Arctic Village, Alaska
Completed October 2010
Contract $14,466,461
Market Local Government

This project was constructed in the very isolated and remote village of Arctic Village, Alaska. The scope of the project included the supply and installation of steel piles and steel floor framing, a combination of wood and metal siding, a metal roof system, and the complete mechanical and electrical systems including new utilities outside the building and their intertie into existing utilities.

This project also included the abatement and hauling of a large quantity of existing contaminated soils (fuel oil), and the development of a onetime use landfill within the village. Eight of the existing buildings were demolished after having all hazardous materials removed and then exposed of by hauling them to the one time use landfill.

As is typical on most of our remote work, working with the local community was paramount to our success. Arctic Village is located at the southern edge of the Arctic Wildlife Refuge and is unique in Alaska in that it is a self governed tribal entity with deep ties to their lands, resources and villages.

We have developed a system of working with local and regional governing bodies over the years. We approached the Tribal Council with a plan that would let them ease into a mutual and respectful relationship with ASRC SKW Eskimos, our personnel, and subcontractors. We began by visiting Arctic Village and having a town meeting at the Tribes offices.

Our discussions started with a brief description of the scope of work we were to perform and relaying the project scheduled start to finish dates, the major component completion dates, our man loading schedule, employment opportunities for the village residents, and our employment requirements.

We then had an opportunity to listen to the Tribes questions and concerns about the project and were able to find local resources that would allow the tribe and local residents to benefit from the projects presence in the village while helping us by providing housing, fuel, fuel storage facilities, and other incidentals at the local level keeping some of the projects funds circulating within the village.

Arctic Villages location provides for a complicated logistical effort. The village cannot be accessed by road or by water and therefore all personnel and materials have to be flown in by plane. This is further complicated in that we had equipment and building materials that were too large to fit in planes. To overcome this problem, our oversized materials were engineered to come in smaller components and reassembled on site. Our larger equipment (excavators, dump trucks, cranes, drill rig, her trailer, etc.) had to be taken apart or modified in Anchorage and reassembled in Arctic Village by our mechanics.

Fuel was provided by fuel planes, food, incidental materials were gathered up and held at the air carrier’s location in Fairbanks until a charter plane could be filled to its maximum load capacity.

Weather conditions in this area of the state allow for a warm summer and a cold and lengthy winter with temperature dropping to as low as negative 65 degrees Fahrenheit from October through April. These weather conditions required us to get the facilities exterior shell completed prior to the onset of arctic winter conditions and continue constructing the interior of the facility in colder conditions using temporary heat to bring temperatures up for improved productivity.