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ASRC Energy Services Maintenance Facility 

Customer ASRC Energy Services, Inc.
Location Deadhorse, Alaska
Completed June 2016
Contract Confidential
Market Energy, Oil and Gas

ASRC Energy Services (AES) needed accommodations appropriate for its Prudhoe Bay maintenance and operations support services. The design and installation of a 43,200-square-foot, pre-engineered metal building by ASRC SKW Eskimos (ASKW) provides space for AES to maintain its own equipment and that of other companies. The building contains administrative offices, a wash bay for cleaning vehicles and tank interiors, overhead cranes, and high-speed rubber doors for vehicle access.


1141_Photos_7-21-15 (1)1141_Photos_8-19-15 (8)ASKW completed site civil work on an existing pad and provided all design services, including fire detection/suppression, controls and specialized wash systems. The inverted building shape selected minimizes snowdrifts and reduces occurrences of falling ice, creating a safer workplace for the occupants and visitors.

Among the many logistical challenges associated with work at the remote North Slope location was a wash-out of the Dalton Highway in spring 2015 — a time when critical construction operations were taking place. The Dalton provides the only land access to Deadhorse, and the flooding resulted in a complete shut-down of freight transportation to the entire North Slope. Insulation for the building foundations was delivered to the site via air cargo to ensure uninterrupted progress on the civil and concrete work.

To meet the schedule for this design-build project, the civil work preparing the site for construction and the building shell were finished before the 100% design documents were fully completed and approved. It was important to accomplish these elements so that the building could be closed in for winter, allowing the continuation of inside work and ensuring on-time project completion.