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George Morgan Sr. High School Replacement 

Customer Kuspuk School District
Location Kalskag, Alaska
Completed December 2010
Contract $11,772,015
Market Local Government

This school replaced one that burned down in January 2009. The project bid as design/build with a not to exceed guaranteed maximum price.
ASKW worked with  the owner and selected design team to complete the design with consolidated efforts to keep the costs within the GMP.

This was a fast track project and all pre-construction milestones were critical to successful completion. We were able to install the owner-supplied piling in 2009, which greatly increased our chances of finishing the project by December 2010.

The facility is a structural steel frame on steel helical piling, enclosed with structural insulated panels under metal siding, with both EPDM and metal roofing. Floor structure is 1-1/8 ply over metal decking with 3 areas of concrete, the shower/bathroom area, the kitchen and the mechanical/shop area. The mechanical and shop was designed to be in a separate building, as both previous schools were destroyed by fires starting in either the mechanical room or shop area. The school also has a sprinkler system, which the previous schools did not.

Due to lack of housing accommodations, we worked with a local tribal entity to secure accommodations in exchange for remodeling a vacant community center that was unfinished and without heat or electrical service for over 20 years.  The renovation required removing all existing sheet rock, which was heavily damaged and moldy. We installed new insulation where required, and overhauled the entire mechanical and electrical systems to meet with current codes. We provided new paint, installation of all the doors and frames which had never been installed, built a new commercial kitchen and eating area, and installed all the required furnishings to house up to 28 person construction crew.

At the end of the project, the building will be turned back over to the tribe, which was left with a functional office building and community center of significant value to people in the area.