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Kaktovik Warm Storage Building 

Customer North Slope Borough
Location Kaktovik, Alaska
Completed September 2009
Contract $8,197,338
Market Local Government

The Kaktovik Warm Storage Building is a great example of how ASRC SKW Eskimos (ASKW) works with the communities where we construct our projects. This project was proposed to the Owner (North Slope Borough) by Kaktovik Constructors. Kaktovik Constructors is an equity joint venture between ASKW and the Kaktovik Inupiat Corporation (KIC).

In this partnership the JV owns equipment within the village, and as a team we construct every project inside the village that we are awarded. Profits are shared equally with both partners. Our local partners provided the construction camp facilities as well as the pre-employment screening for all the locally-hired field employees. Local hire averaged 60 percent for the duration of the project.

All construction materials for this project needed to be staged by June 24 in Seattle, Washington to make the one barge that arrives in Kaktovik in the small window of open, ice free water each year. Only careful planning, aggressive expediting, and detailed scheduling enabled the material shipments to arrive as planned.

This Project included the demolition of the existing DMS facility, civil work (including pit development), concrete (slab-on-grade and footings and foundations), the supply and installation of an 8,200 square foot pre-engineered metal building that ties into the existing North Slope Borough’s Heavy Equipment Shop, overhead cranes and the complete mechanical and electrical systems. Concrete production was on the critical path due to restricted supplies of suitable aggregate and small capacity mixers. Zach Kempthorne, PM was in charge of quality control and ensured the concrete made specification despite the obstacles.