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King Cove Hovercraft Access Road 

Customer Aleutians East Borough
Location King Cove, Alaska
Completed May 2008
Contract $21,552,334
Market Local Government

The King Cove Access Project consisted of the construction of a new road to link the villages of King Cove and Cold Bay with a combination of surface (road) and marine (hovercraft) transportation.

Major structures and enhancements provided by ASRC SKW Eskimos included 30 stream crossings using 10 bridges, 20 fish passage culverts, 2 major stream relocations, 150 drainage structures, and the movement of approximately 1,000,000 CY of material for the construction of the road.

The road was surfaced with a modified Grading D-1 that was produced on site. A hovercraft ramp and maneuvering pad were constructed at both the King cove and Cold Bay terminals.