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Kotzebue Elder Care Addition 

Customer Maniilaq Association
Location Kotzebue, Alaska
Completed March 2011
Contract $14,676,313
Market Local Government

Project Scope: In 2011, ASKW constructed the 15,000 square-foot addition to the existing hospital in Kotzebue. It features 18 beds and rooms for physical therapy, home health, social services, specialty clinical support, with a newly remodeled emergency room in the existing hospital. We installed the building’s pile foundation system in advance built the extension and renovated the existing emergency room while the facility remained in operation.

Phasing Performance:The Kotzebue Elder Care Facility and Emergency Room Renovation was expected to be funded in two major phases – throughout that time, ASKW would work with the Maniilaq Association on developing a phasing sequence as they worked to secure funding. Our goal was to phase construction components to ensure minimal cost impact, and to protect their assets while awaiting additional funds. Despite the project being competitively bid, the Owner expressed the need for constructability expertise where funding posed considerable risk. Teaming with ASKW, Maniilaq had great success in reducing contingency, managing the subcontractor work packages completing the project with a minimal effect on cost, and no reduction in quality, value or safety. The Maniilaq Association expected two major funding phases, but actual funding schedule ended up requiring issuance of 8 Notice to Proceed which divided project considerably more than they had anticipated. Adding to the complexity, actual funding for each of the original major phase I and II milestones were awarded several months late. The team regrouped to adjust the work sequence around the additional phases, and broke packages and stoppage points into smaller sub-phases that met funding available at each Notice to Proceed. All phases of work were completed within the original timeframe estimated for each task on the schedule and the completion date was only moved out for as long as the funding delays.

Turn-key facility: After the facility was completed, Maniilaq requested that ASKW provided install their new furnishings, fixtures and equipment. Our crew coordinated with Maniilaq and met with hospital staff for input on their operational needs. With their help, we established a pathogen and dust control protocol then coordinated cleaning and disinfection for each renovation area to maintain a healthy work environment for patients, staff and construction crews while the remaining work was completed.

Value to the Community: The impact of large construction projects on small Alaskan communities cannot be over-emphasized. In Kotzebue, we supported Kotzebue’s economy by renting local homes and by getting meals, fuel, miscellaneous construction tools and materials locally.We surpassed our original local hiring targets for the project (we shoot for 100%, and routinely muster 50%-70%). We sought Kotzebue subcontractors and hired Northwest Electric and Drake Construction for substantial portions of the work. While in town, we also supported local causes, sponsored the Kobuk 500, and donated to youth activities in the area.