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Point Lay Power Plant 

Customer North Slope Borough
Location Point Lay, Alaska
Completion March 2014
Contract $7,360,000
Market Powerhouses

This contract called for a new 10,000 s.f. replacement powerhouse. As prime contractor, ASKW was responsible for overall management of construction and coordinating logistics, procurement, subcontracting and all technical trades necessary to erect the structure, place the four 330KW generators and install all associated mechanical and electrical systems. ASKW self-performed generator fastening, concrete, site work and finishes while scoping subcontracts for piping, wiring, generator work and start-up. The project was completed within nine months, on time and within budget.

The resulting solution is a  turn-key power functionally specific facility designed and built to serve the entire community with over 1200 kw of power. It features  four diesel generators, trick bays, control room, an upper mezzanine and office space. With over 14,359 labor hours, the project was completed with zero incidents, and utilized over 25% locally hired resources. The solution offers significant improvements to the previous plant, with reduced maintenance and efficiency for the borough and a more reliable power source for the community.Point Lay Powerplant