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Shaktoolik K-12 School Major Maintenance Remodel 

Customer Bering Strait School District
Location Shaktoolik, Alaska
Expected Completion December 2013
Contract $10,037,312
Market State Government

ASRC SKW Eskimos, (ASKW)  the Bering Strait School District to manage a design-assist renovation of the 30-year-old one-room K-12 schoolhouse in the remote Alaska village of Shaktoolik.

ASKW joined at the 35% documentation level. The scope of work included extensive renovation and upgrade of several failing systems. Improvements included floor layout and expansion, plumbing and electrical, distribution and lighting, ceiling and interior surfaces, roof and exterior siding, kitchen and utilities. The contract included a final  conversion to a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP). Facing a budget deficit, the District had re-solicited for a second round of bidding with reduced work scope. With almost no room for contingency in the budget upon award, the team conducted an in-depth analysis of design to identify areas to add value, reduce risk and solve a variety of notable challenges prior to construction. With sufficient time and attention invested to details, the project was highly successful. Near completion, BSSD secured additional funding that added significant scope to the contract. 

Approach to ensure success on this project:

  • As a return customer, the BSSD selected ASKW for the firm’s long history of teaming on design-build projects and high level of commitment to persevere through challenges of large-scale projects in remote and rural areas of Alaska.
  • The Preconstruction team engaged all resources to expedite design completion, identify value engineering options and get the project moving forward between contract award and construction.
  • ASKW is working with stakeholders at all levels to ensure project meets contractual obligations and standards for a durable facility of greatest value to the community.
  • The team has employed members who have worked as a team, under these constraints, for 15 years, and specifically, a project manager with nearly 30 years of relevant experience.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA