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Unalakleet High School – Major Maintenance Remodel 

Customer Bering Straits School District
Location Unalakleet, Alaska
Completed September 2010
Contract $10,704,773
Market Local Government

This project was bid as a guaranteed maximum price project, with ASRC SKW Eskimos partnering as a design assist to keep the project within the bid amount. Once the final design was finished, it was converted to a lump sum bid.

The project was built in two phases. The first began with the demolition of the existing gymnasium, locker rooms and attached mechanical room. This was followed by construction of a new gymnasium, locker rooms and four new classrooms which totaled around 10,000 sf.  This had to be done while the remaining portion of the school was still in session, which meant having to build some temporary walls to isolate the construction area. The first phase also included roofing not only the new portion of the school, but also over 11,000 sf of the existing portion.

The project was also very fast track. The barge with our materials did not get into Unalakleet until early July, and we had to be done by Christmas so they could begin their basketball season, which is vitally important to all bush communities. The day after our substantial completion inspection, they had their first basketball tournament, on time.

Construction consisted of slab on grade, heavy LVL wall framing in the gym and standard 2×12 wall framing for the classrooms. Roof construction was metal roof panels over insulated panels on wood trusses. Siding was metal wall panels.

The second phase of the project was the remodel of approximately 10,000 sf of existing classrooms, which meant the demolition of most interior partition walls and the complete removal of all finishes to wall studs and concrete floors. Then new partition walls were built and all new finishes installed, including new windows and doors. This portion of the project was completed over a month ahead of schedule.