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Unalaska Powerhouse Renovation 

Customer City of Unalaska
Location Unalaska, Alaska
Completion September 2010
Contract $24,555,957
Market Utilities/Power

Unalaska powerhouse generatorThis remote project included managing the construction and renovation of a 16,614 square-foot steel building that houses multiple diesel fired-electrical generators and provides auxiliary spaces for control and offices. We integrated into our approach, the development of a Critical Path Method (CPM) schedule to detail work sequences, commencement and completion dates. We furnished all labor, tools, equipment, shipping, transportation, employee housing, and materials on the remote site project. 

Components installed and performed:

  • Excavations and construction of foundations
  • Steel building erection and building systems installations
  • Installations of city-furnished prime and backup generators
  • Electrical distribution system installation and coordination to maintain electrical distribution of the city during construction
  • Final grading and site work
  • Site concrete cap
  • Renovations to the existing powerhouse

Unalaska powerhouse

The city of UnalaskaUnalaska is located in close proximity to Dutch Harbor, the largest fisheries port in the U.S. It lies approximately 800 miles southwest of Anchorage, exposed in the Aleutian Chain, with a sub-polar oceanic climate that brings constant rain, fog and wind. Storms brought violent winds in excess of 140 miles-per-hour. These conditions test crews’ ability to work safely while meeting schedule and budget. By implementing experience and years of experience in power plant inter-connectivity and distribution systems, our team provided the City of Unalaska a safe and logical cutover sequence plan on the Powerhouse, and completed the project with no lost-time incidents.